Monday, December 12, 2005


Seville is another ancient multiculturally signifncant city much farther south, but here I seemed to forget that Sunday is a holy day, and that sights would be closed. So even when the Ponely Planet says “free on Sundays” be sure to get out early. After a morning of 1, unsuccessfully searching out wifi hotspots, so I could check email and post the Toledo blog entry, 2, unsuccessfully looking for a gym, so I could shake that body, and 3 successfully stumbling accross an art sale outside the museo de belles artes, I met Jereon at 2:30 at the plaza San Pedro. We walked past the nativity scene market to the cathedral, which is “free on Sundays” but also closes early during the holiday season. Oh well, and guess what, it’s always closed on Mondays!

Alcazar, same thing.
Finally we walked through the tropical parque de Luisa Sofia toward the Plaza de Espana, which is magnificent indeed. The shadows we large and crisp, so I bought some corn nuts, and we took photographs for an hour.

By that time, I was tired, so we walked back to the movie theatre to see what was playing. When you come to spain and want to see a movie in English, look for the letters VOSE (which stands for voice original subtitle espanol). Those letters were not on the poster for la vida secreta de las palabras “the secret life of words.” Not a good movie to see in a foreign language that you don’t speak or understand fluently. It’s all dialogue and takes place almost entirely on a platform in the middle of the ocean. However, it’s always good to practice listening, (and get in a little nap too!).

Now we were hungry, and we wanted to try the Restaurant Enrique . . . . because lonely planet described it as hearty traditional andelucian and advised trying the lamb stuffed with cheese and pine nuts with honey sauce. However when we got there. . . . closed! My day was like an old commercial for ATT with the tag line, “you should have called first”. Little do they know that one of the most difficult things to do in a foreign language is talk on the phone!

We found an irish pub, ordered hamburgers and coca cola (diet in my case), and stared at the projection TV as Barcelona’s star right forward, Ronaldino, singlehandedly beat the entire team Sevillian futbol team.

I was tired, came back to the quaint, and a little dirty, Hostal Zahrina, and went to bed.


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