Thursday, November 10, 2005

back in Madrid

So I've returned to the city that I kinda call home right now. New apartment, new esquela, new friends. I just had a beer with a young french fellow named Joseph whom imports fruit to France for a living. He speaks less English than he speaks Spanish, so we really had to work to speak in Spanish. It's good, we kept if up for 45 minutes. Now I've found a coffee shop with free internet which will do for now because my new apartment has a wifi router and a dead DSL line :(

Anyway, the apartment is OK. Esther, the landlord is eccentric. A dancer and physical therapist who works for Martha Graham company in NY, she has filled her apartment with posters of Wonderwoman, a pink showercurtain (that isn't on the shower) and a dreadful multi hued pink armorio (protable closet). I've made a few adjustments but it's still a little funny to walk into it.

So I'm posting some pictures from Nuremberg. The parking lot is located at 12 Hochstratte, Oma and Harry's old address. The sausage is very typical street food, and sure beat the hell out of the dirty water dogs that you get in NY (and I like dirty water dogs) because they're crispy and come in chewy bread. The rally yards are just that, rally yards, and they're intimidating. Now they are used as a public park space and a venue for occasional concerts. (Oh, I didn't take the picture on the last post, so don't give me any credit for masterful exposure)


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