Monday, December 05, 2005


Carolyn is a rock in Madrid, she speaks like a native, (and will quickly and proudly tell you that people mistake her for a Spaniard all the time) lives centrally in Malasana, and knows where to find the best churros and chocolate in town. And oh, how she’s helped me! Carolyn was the person who pushed me to start a reflection journal and reminded me to associate learned words with stories. Carolyn taught me the word for meatballs and women’s underwear (albondigas and bragas) and she has told me all her thoughts about her new boy, and I’ve told her about my thoughts about relationships back home. She lives with a bunch of folks, and she yells at them to clean up. She has her own bathroom in her apartment, but oddly, though it does have a bidet and a shower, it doesn’t have a toilet.

Last night we went to a chinese food restaurant, and she ordered crab (congrejo) instead of rabbit (conejo). . . oh well, we're not all perfect all the time.


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