Friday, November 25, 2005


This year I’m thankful to have met Chris, a CIA graduate, because he cooked thanksgiving. We went to Shana, Elizabeth and Moa’s flat and ate all the traditional things. Except instead of a full bird, We had boneless breasts, which I think I might prefer, though the perfect oval slices seem a little unusual and uniform. Also, there were no cranberries, so he made a current and orange sauce instead. Great, I ate 3 helpings, it’s now the next morning and I’m still full. No special K today! I need to go running.

The table wasn’t big enough for us all to sit together, so we settled in around the living room eating on our laps. We went around the room and talked about what we were thankful for. No-one was particularly creative in their responses and I kept it non-personal (I didn’t want to open my heart to 8 strangers) by saying that I’m thankful for Madrid, because it’s a city that closely mirrors my current mental state. The culture here is very spontaneous, and I am too.

But truly, I’m thankful for soooo much. I realize how blessed I am.

I am thankful:

that I will probably be an Uncle by the end of the year
that The School at Columbia gave me an “ano libre”
that I have enough money to travel and live comfortably for the year
that I am never hungry
that I can wake up at 9:30 every day and study
that I am still able to learn new things at 29 (and for the rest of my life)
that my computer didn’t die when I spilled orange juice on it.
That I have a good friend living in my apt in New York.
That I leave near the Mercado Anton Martin, where I can get clementines for 99 euro cents a Kilo.
That I have met supportive and kind people during my traveling so far
That, 2 nights ago, I smacked the hand of the pickpocket and he didn’t get my wallet.
that Mike Parker invited me to Barcelona for turkey day but understood when I told him that I felt too overwealmed to go.
If I didn’t want to study now, I could continue this list forever. I am blessed.

After dinner I brought out a bottle of Anis and Blueberry apertif. I took a tiny sip and my heart started racing and I got all hot, so I didn’t finish. I wasn’t the only one, I think the sink digested best; everyone poured it down the drain.

It’s getting cold here, supposedly there will be snow on Sunday. As long as I sit between the 2 space heaters, the apartment is warm enough.


Blogger Carolyn o Carolina said...

oh andrew, i´m so jealous. my apartment is freezing. we don´t have space heaters. i´m thankful that you are living here in Madrid and we get to have really fast meals were we recap our lives since last we saw each other. :)

1:47 PM  

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