Friday, October 21, 2005

and then we get better

Yesterday, with my gargantua (throat) the size of a pinhole, I took the day off and stayed in bed reading Life of Pi. I'm almost finished. When I got up for a little lunch, I spilled my orange juice on my computer. It went Kaput and the rest of the day was spent reading and researching authorized apple service centers in Madrid. I found one near school, and I was planning to bring it there this afternoon, but when I woke up this morning, the computer turned on! and I felt better! oh joy, I would go to class on my last day at internaitonal house madrid. sniff.

I went to Don Quijote (the other school) this afternoon and met a nice lady, we spoke in Spanish for about 7 minutes and then it got too confusing when I started haggling about tuition for the week with 2 holidays, so we switched to english. The stinky part is that I have to pay full tuition for a week with 2 holidays and I cannot visit a class on Monday. I didn't understand why I couldn't visit (as we spoke in Spanish) and in English it was just a stupid. "we don't want to make the other students uncomfortable," she said.

Anyway, I am game to try it. Tuesday I;m off to Amsterdam.


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