Sunday, October 23, 2005

1 week, 3 conciertos.

I saw three concerts this week. Tuesday was Morcheeba, a British trip hop band who sound like they’re stuck in 1997. Saturday, The International Battle of the Bands featured 9 Spanish rock outfits fighting it out for regional supremecy. And tonight,Domingo, Poco Veo played like Tuck Andress and sang in Spanish (though I didn’t hear him use the word corazon once!)

In order:

1) Morcheeba were outdated, and sore throat = no fun.

2) However, at 11:45 on a cool rainy Saturday night, on the Calle Jardines 2 blocks south of Gran via, the drummer from Echobolt was putting on his headphones so that he would coordinate with the grinding squelch coming from the PA. When he hit it, the roughly 400 people in El Sol started jumping. Though clearly going for a commercial sound, Echobolt rawked hard, like Nine inch Nails but poppier; thankfully there was no disco house. They all had short hair 2 guys had makeup. Echobolt were first. . . there were 8 more to follow.

During the battle of the bands, I took out notecards and a blue Pilot g-2 to take notes. It’s fun to pretend that you’re a reporter because people think that you’re there for a reason, and for me, I feel more deliberate in my attendance. Also, more importantly, I actually remember all the fleeting thoughts that you usually forget. For example, one band had a backup singer that looked and sang like Screech from Saved by the Bell, but she was a woman. The same band’s lead singer looks like what I think Todd Rundgren should look like, (I’ll do a google search and see if I’m right). I just wouldn’t have remembered that without taking notes, y’know?

Anyway, every band played 2 songs, a nice number because if they’re no good, you only have to sit through them for 10 minutes. However, some of the bands were actually really good; rocking out, not posing. The band with the drummer that looked like Zack Lee sounded like U2, and while repeating the refrain, “we’re together” did this amazing Slayer like double time to 1/2 time switch; assuring that every head bobbed through the crowd.

I was there alone for the first 4 bands, and then Landon showed up. She felt sick, though, and I ended up walking her to a cab before the 9th band finished. I don’t know who won.

3) Tonight Paco Veo, was slapping his guitar like a bass, thumb on the low e and palm on the rest; using the back of his nails to strum percussively. I listened to the lyrics and simply heard words that I knew, but that I could not yet string together into meaning.

Empezar. . . I know I have a flashcard for that. . . .what does it mean again? Oh yeah, “to start”.

But after all that processing (my little 386 brain), I didn’t hear the other words, ahhhhhhh overload. However, the guitar playing inspired to take lessons. When I return from Holland and Germany, I will inquire with my new school and see where they recommend I take lessons.


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