Monday, November 21, 2005


So in class we learned that the word "listo" usually means "ready." However when I went to see Match Point, the new woody allen pic, I noticed that when a character said the word "clever," the translation in the subtitle showed the word "listo." Huh, I think it's neat that the word for ready also means clever. . . because a clever person is really ready all the time. Learngin the 2 meanisngs of listo is my first "aha" moment about the language. It's neat to learn and think about how different cultures express ideas.

On Friday night I saw a play written in 1995 by Howard Zinn called Karl Marx in Soho. It was a one man show imagining what Marx would think if he came back to modern times and reflected on the state of capitalizm and the fall of communism. It was kind of a jumbled bunch of ideas, most notably (but not surprisingly) that he wouldn't be a marxist based on how coommunism play itself out in the soviet union. The most interesting part, I thought, was when he described the Paris commune in 1871 a 3 month period when Paris was controlled by the workers. I never knew it existed, but it was as close to a situation in which cammunism, as Marx concieved of it, actually thrived. On Saturday, I went to Segovia, a small city north of Madrid that boasts an aqueduct and a castle on which they claim Walt Disney based the castle at the Magic Kingdom.

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