Friday, October 14, 2005


listening and talking and listening and talking and listening and talking are incredibly draining. All day long, I have to be "on" and must process so much. I haven't felt so frustrated since I played piano!

Last night I went online to find a place ticket from Berlin to Nuremberg and back. I found a reasonably priced, 99 euro roundtrip fare on Luftansa, and I was all set to book it. . . then, as soon as I identified myself as an american citizen, the fare skyrocketed to 568 euros. I tried idetifying myself as a Spanish citizen; 99 euros, a German citizen, 99 euros, a French citizen 99 euros, American citizen 568 euros. I called (skyped actually, you should try it and we can talk for free) the 800 number for Luftansa in America and spoke with "Laura" who was incredibly un-helpful only explaining that she had the same information that I did, and that "it's probably because you're not a European citizen." duhhh, it's still rediculous. She advised me to go to the airport and talk with the people at the Luftansa desk there.

Instead, today, after coincidentally studying travel words in morning class, I went to a travel agent and dealt with the situation (entirely in Spanish!) I left with agent with a ticket for $149, a bit more than I would have liked, but, as they say, I'll remember Nuremberg, not the amount of money that I spent to get there!

La fin de Semana, yo tengo sueno, pero yo voy a ir de copas esta noche!

hasta manana


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