Thursday, December 22, 2005

my first published piece

so this link will connect you to my first published piece of writing. I've always wanted to write something about using technology in the classroom, so here it is: in Education Update. If I feel inspired, perhaps I will write something else.

Anyway, back in NY for 3 days. In many ways it's like I never left. Spending lots of time with Suko, seeing Jay and Kerith, and feeling a bit wound up. Madrid feels like a dream. Today, I completed a scrapbook with all the memoribilia that I took home from europe: concert tickets, maps, ID cards. It felt like writing the conclusion of the chapter.

I am still a bit jettlagged, so I haven't run or done all that much. Tomorrow I'll get off my ass and set some achieveable goals for the next 2 weeks.

thats it for now.


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