Saturday, October 01, 2005


So after a 1 day delay, I finally arrived in Madrid.

1st impressions:
1)They eat big lunches and small dinners. . . both of which are healthy. I've eaten fish, stewed cabbage, gazpacho, potatos and lots of salad and fruit.

2) It's hot: almost 90 degrees.

3) The park (where I went running today) was covered with condoms and tissues. I can only imagine what happened there last night.

As expected, I'm Jetlagged. Was up until 3:30 AM and then took a tylenol PM and slept until Maria woke me at 10:30. I've been to 2 department stores already (becasue Maria is looking to buy a bike), and I've gone to the Tabac where I got a monthly public transportation pass.

I'm still thinking a lot about the sox and everyone back home, but it's nice here and I'm looking forward to my first class on Monday morning.


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