Saturday, March 24, 2007

dreamix project

The dreamix project is over, it was intense.

Friday afternoon preview: listen to rapper's delight and "good times" identifying that much hip hop music is made with samples.

Day 1) Morning: history of hip-hop. recap rapper's delight, listen to The Message, watch the video, deconstruct the lyrics. Watch clip from Style Wars: 4 elements of hip-hop: Mcing, Djing, breaking and graffiti. Each child writes note in notebook, creates a tag.

Afternoon: talk about fair use and citations. Begin experimenting with garageband and sampleing old records

Day 2) Morning: Eyes on the Prize, awakenings, recap history of Africans in America. Emancipation, plessy vs. ferguson, Jim crow laws, WW2, Brown v board, civil rights movement. Watch eyes on the prize video ( comparing Malcolm X and Martin Luther King's ideas. discuss.

Afternoon: Watch video of Malcolm's return from Mecca. . . what has changed? emphasis on white and blacks as part of "human family" . Teach quicktime pro, students extract audio from clips for use in final piece.

Day 3) Morning: MLK I have a dream speech, watch it twice, stopping to explain the metaphor of cashing a check. and the historical context. talk through vocabulary beforehand:

Score: 20 years
Emancipation Proclamation: the law that made enslaved Africans free citizens, marking the end of the civil war.
Decree: an order or law, to make an official announcement
Seared: burned
Captivity: being held a prisoner
Manacles: metal rings that hold a prisoner
Poverty: state of not having enough money
Languishing: to undergo hardship as a result of being deprived of independence
Promissory note: a signed agreement
Inalienable: not able to be taken away
Default: the failure to meet an agreement
Insufficient funds: not enough money
Tranquility: to induce calmness
Desolate: empty, solitary, and joyless
Determination: a fixed purpose
Legitimate: real, well reasoned
Devotees: a dedicated member of a group
Persecution: suffering felt by a group of people
Degenerate: to develop into a situation that is worse than before.

Afternoon: extracting audio from I have a dream speech placing into garageband and adding music.

Thursday: Morning: talk again about citiation, use handout to show how to cite sources. Talk about creative choices in how to mix music and words and images.
dreamixing, work day, kids work on final piece.


Final day checklist: dreamixing
check a box when you finish each item:

Citing sources: did you correctly identify:

Your records?

Your images?

Your videos?

Photograph your tag (to start your podcast)

Fix sound levels so voices are audible.

Export to disk: open in quicktime: export from movie to quicktime movie.

Put quicktime movie to agardner’s drop box (so I can put it into final movie)

make movie and show to others.


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