Tuesday, March 14, 2006

cemeteries and schools

The wall along the back end of the rich section of the Xela public cemetaries read ël amor a la libertad los hizo heros . . the love of liberty made them heros. This is the only revolutionary memorial, located at a former firing squad wall where the ¨martyrs¨from the first 2 revolutions were killed. This wall divides the cemetery into 2 sections, 1 half is filled with tightly packed together small buildings and mausoleums, the other half is filled with shallow graves. The folks who had money built these small mausoleums, so that they could live well in the afterlife. Sometimes, if they dont pay dues, the cemetary people will take the remains out and sell the plot to someone new.

There are all kids of different architecture, reoman, greek, even Egyptian, there were someminteresting stories, one group of german immigrants died when the couldn’t adapt to the environment of Xela,

One woman who supposedly helps couples who are having maritial toubles has a tomb and people scribble on it. In another section, there are a whole bunch of marble angels, but they are all missing heads. Supposedly, shortly after the peace accord in 96, a satanic gang required the head of a marble angel as an initiation right. hmmmm.


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